We recognise your individual investment risk requirements

The Nautilus AcuityOne RHF Hedge Fund has specific key features

The Fund aggressively takes advantage of short and medium term opportunities and pricing anomalies

Acumen Fund focuses primarily on South African Government Bonds and interest rate derivatives

The Nautilus AcuityOne RHF Hedge Fund Return Series
    3 Month Return: 5,89%
    6 Month Return: 12,02%
    Annual Return: 18,62%
    Year-to-Date Return: 8,25%
September 2009 - April 2017.
Source: Nautilus Managed Account Platform RF (Pty) Ltd
Acumen Capital at a glance
Acumen approaches the interest rate markets from a distinct vantage point.
Our capabilities in cash flow analysis combined with our fundamental and technical expertise provide investment insight that few competitors can match. Comprehensive analysis of cash flow valuations enables Acumen to exploit inefficiencies in the markets using diversified investment strategies. Selected investment strategies are implemented with specific focus on protecting the value of assets in adverse market conditions, whilst maintaining upside potential.

Stuart Conway

Director of Acumen Fund Managers. Stuart has 26 yrs experience in the investment industry and was previously Head of Interest Rate Trading at Absa Bank prior to setting up Acumen Capital 15 yrs ago.

Mark O’Brien

Mark has 28 yrs experience in the investment industry and was previously Chief Dealer at Absa Capital Markets prior to setting up Acumen Capital 15 yrs ago.

Greg Kamstra

Greg has 28 yrs experience in the investment industry. He previously set up and managed an interest rate hedge fund at Peregrine, was head of fixed income at Citibank NA for 2yrs and was head of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets SA for 3 yrs.
Acumen Capital in the Press
AcuityOne reaches four years with solid performance
HedgeNews Africa Publication December 2012

Johannesburg-based Acumen Capital has delivered a solid four years with its AcuityOne Hedge Fund, producing a net annualised 22.92% since inception in September 2009 to the end of August 2012. This includes a net 10.53% gain so far this year.

Archive News

Acumen Capital wins Long Term Performance Award 2012.
In the Long-term categories, judged over three years, the AcuityOne Hedge Fund took home the trophy for single managers.

Acumen Capital wins Hedge Fund of the Year 2011.
Acumen Capital's AcuityOne hedge Fund delivered a net 35% gain for investors in the past calendar year.