Key Features
Acumen Capital: Acumen AcuityOne SNN Retail Hedge Fund
CISCA Incepton Date: 1 September 2016
The Fund has a moderate to higher than average risk strategy and is suitable for investors who have a long term investment horizon.

Fund Managers
Authorised FSP Acumen Capital
Domicile South Africa
Currency South African Rand
Fund Inception 1 September 2009
Administrator Sanne Fund Services SA Pty Ltd
Prime Broker RMB/ABSA
Management Company Sanne Management Company (RF) Pty Ltd
Investment Structure
Investment Structure Collective Investment Scheme Trust
Subscription Monthly
Redemption Monthly (30 Day Notice)
initial Lock up 6 Months
Fund Auditors ECOVIS ARB Auditors Inc
Legal Advisors Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs
CISCA Incepton Date 1 September 2016

Fund Objective
The Fund aims to achieve positive returns regardless of the direction of interest rates, and capitalise on inefficiencies that occur as a result of supply and demand.

Investment Strategy
The Fund focuses primarily on South African Government Bonds and interest rate derivatives such as swaps and fras. The various yield curves are analysed rigorously on a spot and forward basis using in house proprietary analytical tools that have been built up over the past 20 years. The Fund aggressively takes advantage of short and medium term opportunities and pricing anomalies but concentrates efforts on making gains over the longer term. As such the Fund is not appropriate for short term investment.

About Acumen Capital
Our Core Focus … The South African interest rate environment.
Over 60 Years Collective Market Experience … both local and international, in a broad range of financial instruments. Proprietary Analytical Tools … specifically designed for the interest rate environment, combined with our global insight, enables us to identify valuation anomalies – the cornerstone of our competitive edge.

Cash flow and yield curve modeling techniques have been applied to managing trading portfolios, whilst structuring innovative interest rate solutions.

The Acumen Capital Philosophy
Our philosophy is to enhance returns by using disciplined investment processes combined with rigorous investment management principles.
Acumen Capital ensures that our clients objectives and risk profiles are clearly understood so that the optimal investment strategy is implemented.
HedgeFund News Africa

Acumen Capital picks up coveted HedgeNews Africa award.
At the recent Hedge Fund Awards held at the Vineyards Hotel in Newlands on 20 February 2020 Acumen Capital received the coveted award for the fixed interest Hedge Fund with the best 5 year annualized returns.

The Company was also nominated for the best fixed interest Hedge Fund for the past 12 months in addition to the best 10 year returns.

Read the full press release here.

The full details and basis of the award are available from the manager