Mandatory Disclaimer

The investment performance is for illustrative purposes only and is calculated by taking actual initial fees and all ingoing fees into account for the amount shown; and income is reinvested on the reinvestment date. The performance figures given show the yield on a NAV basis. The yield figure is not a forecast. Performance is not guaranteed and investors should not accept it as representing expected future performance . Individual investor performance may differ as a result of initial fees, time of entry/actual investment date, date of reinvestment, and dividends withholding tax. The annualized total return is the average return earned by an investment each year over a given time period. Actual annual figures are available from the manager on request. The highest and lowest 12 months return represent the highest and lowest actual returns achieved during any 12-month rolling period since the original launch date of the fund. Investors are advised that the annualized performance figures include returns earned during the relevant periods prior to the fund being regulated under CISCA.

Collective investment schemes are generally medium to long-term investments. The value of participatory interest (units) or the investment may go down as well as up. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Collective investment schemes are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. A Schedule of fees and charges and maximum commissions, as well as a detailed description of how performance fees are calculated and applied, is available on request from Sanne Management Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd (“Manager”). The Manager does not provide any guarantee in respect to the capital or the return of the portfolio. The Manager may close the portfolio to new investors in order to manage it efficiently according to its mandate. The Manager ensures fair treatment of investors by not offering preferential fee or liquidity terms to any investor within the same strategy. The Manager is registered and approved by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority under CISCA. The Manager retains full legal responsibility for the portfolio. FirstRand Bank Limited, is the appointed trustee. Acumen Capital (Pty) Ltd, FSP No. 14927, is authorized under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002 to render investment management services.

Fund Disclaimer
  • Hedge Funds are collective investment schemes to which the prescribed provisions of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act (Act 45 of 2002) apply.
  • Investors should take cognisance of the fact that there are risks involved in buying or selling any financial product.
  • Past performance of a financial product is not necessarily indicative of future performance.
  • The value of financial products can increase as well as decrease over time, depending on the value of the underlying securities and market conditions.
  • Illustrations, forecasts or hypothetical data are not guaranteed and are provided for illustrative purposes only.
  • This document does not constitute a solicitation, invitation or investment recommendation.
  • Prior to selecting a financial product or fund it is recommended that investors seek specialised financial, legal and tax advice.
  • Acumen Capital (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (Act No. 37 of 2002).
  • The laws of the Republic of South Africa shall govern any claim relating to or arising from the contents of this document.
Conflict of Interest Policy
Sound corporate governance at all levels is a prerequisite for all financial services companies. In line with these principles, the document below outlines Acumen Capital’s (and its subsidiary companies’) policy with regards to Personal Account Trading and Personal Conduct Rules. To read the full document open the link below.
Privacy Policy
  • Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy.Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.
  • We will collect and use of personal information solely with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.
  • We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.
  • We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.
  • Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.
  • We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.